GEODATA AUSTRALIA PTY LTD is a company formed in 2007 to provide software and specialised skills in survey and land boundary (cadastral) database management in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) for Government and the private sector.

The ‘GeoCadastre™’ (GC) and the survey software ‘GeoSurvey™’ have been developed over the last 20 years by Michael Elfick and Michael Fletcher. (Both Michaels are recognised as leaders in the area of land (cadastral and survey) database management.

GEODATA AUSTRALIA’s survey and cadastral management software creates the base land boundary (cadastral) layer for property and asset related GIS databases maintained by state government agencies, local government, utility providers and private consulting firms. Following extensive investigations, ESRI Inc of Redlands, California adopted the GC process and released it worldwide, as ‘Parcel Editor’ (the survey & cadastral management engine within ESRI ArcGIS10®). Whilst the codebase has been licensed to ESRI, GEODATA AUSTRALIA retains the right to market and develop GeoCadastre separately. GeoCadastre can be used independently of an ESRI platform but retains full interoperability with ESRI and other GIS Platforms.

GEODATA AUSTRALIA provides solutions which include:

  • Upgrading and maintaining existing Survey and Cadastral databases.
  • Migration of Cadastral Data (LandXML, CEXML, Shape files, ASCII and most other relevant  formats) between Survey and GIS databases.
  • Creation of tools for digital lodgement and the automation of examination of machine readable survey plan files by consent authorities to create new titles.
  • Developing tools to represent Strata Plans with height attributes to create a 3D component of the cadastral database.

GEODATA AUSTRALIA (GA) has helped the NSW Government’s Land and Property Information (LPI) successfully implement an ePlan process based on the Australian Intergovernmental Committee on Survey & Mapping (ICSM) LandXML structure. GA has also assisted with software supply and technical support to the creation of the Northern Territory Numerical Cadastral DataBase (NCDB) and the development of a digital XML survey plan file lodgement and examination process less complex than the ICSM LandXML processes.

The GEODATA AUSTRALIA team has undertaken many projects for all levels of Government and private sector over the last 20 years. These projects include: 

  • Software supply and technical support in cadastral management projects in NSW, Queensland (Qld) New Zealand, USA and the Philippines. Pilot cadastral management projects were also completed in Malaysia and Vietnam
  • Adoption and implementation of the software solutions in a number of Local Councils, Utility providers and private consultancies in Australia
  • Strategies for the upgrading of the digital cadastral databases for Local Government Areas in NSW and Qld.
  • For further details contact:

 IAN HARPER   ( +61 (0)412 453 170

 ROGER LEE  ( +61 (0)412  433 078