GEODATA INFORMATION SYSTEMS P/L (GEODATA) is a Company formed in 2000 by a group of Hunter Valley Land Professionals to promote the development of the Cadastral Adjustment (GeoCadastre) and Survey (GeoSurvey) software developed over the last 20 years by Michael Elfick & Michael Fletcher for a user group of Survey Companies throughout Australia. The software is now patented worldwide.

GEODATA promoted the software to the ENVIRONMENTAL SYSTEMS RESEARCH INSTITUTE Inc (ESRI) at Redlands, California, which is the world's leading GIS Software Company. ESRI focuses on large scale government mapping and database management and is in use in over 200 countries. ESRI's decision to use the GeoCadastre methodology was made after reviewing many cadastral solutions from around the world to confirm that the software process and workflows provide the most effective model, and management system of a legal cadastre for use in GIS systems.

Geodata has sold exclusive world-wide rights to use the 'GeoCadastre' process within a GIS software package to ESRI for their cadastral management. Geodata has retained the rights to market the GeoCadastre software as a fully supported stand-alone product with full interoperability (being able to read and output to other data formats).


The process of integrating the 'GeoCadastre' software into the ESRI suite of programs is recognised as a major breakthrough in bringing survey accuracy to GIS cadastral management and also retaining the true geometry (for curves etc) of the data in GIS.

The need was outlined to ESRI to design and deliver an architecture which created or migrated a parcel network fabric into the GIS database and then allowed an adjustment and update of both survey points and features within the GIS while retaining the original survey Title data. The result for ESRI was a completely new data model for parcels built within a GIS database.

This development has taken several years of joint product development as ESRI had to incorporate cadastral storage in the geodatabase as defined by points and lines (survey methodology) rather than shape files (GIS/mapping methodology). The need to retain the original Title dimensions to describe any legal parcel rather than the dimensions from the adjusted cadastral model was also a move away from traditional GIS methodologies.

The new 'GeoCadastre' workflows in the ESRI Survey Analyst - Cadastral Editor will be released worldwide in 2007.

Interoperability is now recognised as a critical component of modern software development. GEODATA and ESRI also jointly defined a new XML transfer format, based on the GeoCadastre file format which overcame deficiencies in existing XML formats which did not represent some elements of the GeoCadastre file format used in the adjustment process.


Whilst the focus for Geodata to this date has been delivery of the ESRI product, that focus is now changing to continuing software development, interoperability (ie LandXML) and the provision of cadastral database management services utilising our experienced team of Land Professionals.

That team is :
Roger Lee - Managing Director - 30yrs experience in Valuation & Land Administration in Australia and S.E Asia
Michael Elfick - Registered Surveyor - 40 yrs experience in surveying & survey software development
Ian Harper - Surveyor - 25 yrs experience in consulting cadastral surveying & land development.
Sharmane Jackson - GIS Manager - 4 yrs experience in cadastral mapping.
(For further details see 'Management' C.V.'s on this site)

Any level of upgrading to a survey accurate cadastral database can be achieved, from:

  • Specific project
  • a gradual process controlled 'in-house' to upgrade when electronic or other survey data is lodged, which can be subject to budgets and project needs
  • the complete upgrade of a Local Government Area and beyond.
Geodata can provide the management skills to tailor a cadastral solution.

For further details contact:
Roger Lee - 0407 333 078 or
Ian Harper - 0412 453 170